The Bremen Town Musicians

    Larry the cow, Harry the rooster and the Laster the duck lived on a widow’s farm. they dreamed of playing music in a parada.

  One day. the widow went to the Lawn where her herd of cattle was grazing . “I’ll eat him tomorrow,” she said, pointing to Larry.

  Larry wanted to feel, but he didn’t have the nerve to go by himself. Then  his friends Laster and Harry showed him a poster.

  “it’s for a parada in Bremen. We’ll go with you, and we can perform our symphony there,” Lester .said

  The animals  put together a small bundle that held a drum, a flute and portable microphone. Then they took their baggage and initiated their long journey.

  They walked down a paved lane all day. that night, they looked in the window of a house.They saw a group of thieves. They were eating a large dinner and telling stories about their greed and the people they stole from.

   “!Laster was on optimist. he said “I think we can scare them away

  Soon, the animals came up with a plan. Harry flew inside and knocked over the lamp.“What was that?”screamed a thief as the bulb broke. they could barely see now.

  Then Larry stood on two feet, and Laster flew to the top  of his head. They looked very big. All three of the animals made scary noises. The thieves tried to hit the animals. But Harry flew over them and scratched them.

.“It’s a phantom!”yelled on thief

The thieves ran away. The animals ate and rested. The next morning< Larry said “Why go to

.Bremen? We can stay here and make music!” And so they remained there and were quite happy


[baggage [bægidℑ

.Baggage is the set of bags that people take with them when they travel

.J’m taking several pieces of baggage with me on vacation

bulb [b∧lb] 

.A Bulb is the glass part of an electric light

.I had to change the light bulb in my bedroom

bundle [b∧ndl] 

.A bundle is a number of things that are tied together

.I was shocked when he showed me a bundle of money

 [cattle [ kætl 

.Cattle are cows and bulls, especially on a farm

.The rancher’s cattle were eating the grass in the field

 [:flee [fli

.The flee means to run away from trouble or danger

.The crowd of men tried to flee from the danger

[graze [greiz

.To graze means to eat grass

.The cows grazed in the field

  [greed [gri.d

.greed is a desire to have more than the things that you need

.She ate all the cookies out of her greed

 [herd [hərd

A herd is a large group of the same type of animals that live together.

The herd of cows moved slowly across the ranch.

 [initiate [ini∫ièit

To initiate something means to start it.

You have to turn the switch on to initiate the computer system.

 [Lane [lein

A lane is a small road.

The lane passes directly in front of our house.

[nerve [nə′rv

Nerve is bravery or belief that you can do something.

He has the nerve to think that he can actually wrestle with a lion.

  [optimist [‘ɑptəmɪst

An optimist is somebody who sees the good parts of a situation.

Even though he has physical problems, my brother is an optimist.

[parade [pəˈreɪd

A parade is a celebration when groups of people walk in the same direction.

There were many marching bands in the spring parade.

[pave [peɪv

To pave the ground is to lay material on it to make it easier to walk or drive on.

The path was paved with yellow bricks.

[phantom [ˈfæntəm

a phantom is a ghost or spirit.

A scary phantom appeared from out of the darkness.

 [portable [ˈpɔrt̮əbl

Something that is portable  is able to be moved or carried easily.

Since computers are portable, people can them anywhere.

[poster [ˈpoʊstər

A poster is a written announcement that is used to advertise something.

I saw a poster about a free concert in the park.

[scratch [skrætʃ

To scratch is to make small cuts with a claw or fingernail.

I used a stick to scratch my back.

[symphony [ˈsɪmfəni

A symphony is a long piece of music performed by many musicians.

Alex is a violin player, has always dreamt of playing a symphony.

 [widow [ˈwɪdoʊ 

.A widow is a woman whose husband has died

.The widow had no children and was very lonely

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